AFTERIMAGE is an ongoing collaboration between the three visual artists who share a history in performing arts. 

Susanna Brenner (DE, NL). After her studies in jewelery design in Germany, she obtained BA and MA degrees in Fine Art in Great Britain as well as in The Netherlands. Her artisic work is multidisciplinary with a focus on video and has been presented in galleries and theaters internationally. For AFTERIMAGE Susanna has also created the soundscape.

Helle Lyshøj (DK, NL) has a BA from Design School Kolding Denmark, and BA in Fine Arts from Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. She creates video design and video scenography for dance, theater, opera, and performance art both in the Netherlands and internationally. Together with Susanna Brenner she founded the collective VideoMachas (

Minna Tiikkainen (FIN, NL) is a lighting designer working internationally within the field of performing arts and contemporary dance. she has BA in Fine Arts, and MA in Lighting Design from the Theater Academy of Finland. Recent years her work has been seen in various international festivals and theaters.

AFTERIMAGE, a choreography for light

AFTERIMAGE is a installation-performance that asks what today’s choreography could be by creating movement in space with the means of light and sound. The absence of a physical body makes this work unique as a performance. It becomes a Choreography for Light. The artists focus on the remainder of an image in one’s vision after it is gone. The name of the installation can also be understood as AFTER THE IMAGE.

created by videoartist Susanna Brenner (DE, NL), videoartist Helle Lyshøj (DK, NL), lighting designer Minna Tiikkainen (FIN, NL), producer Marta Pisco (PT, NL)

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