Milø Slayers (BE)

Milo Slayers (1993) currently has to give his thesis for his master 'art and choreography' at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts - Ecole Supérieure des Arts (ARBA-ESA) in Brussels. This programme focuses on physical practices on the broad playing field between choreography and the visual arts: how to use the body as a plastic material and as a locus of reflection? He graduates in June 2021, after an extra year for his thesis.

Since 2013 he is building a company called Slayers, a company where creativity is the key word. Their biggest influences come from Hip Hop. With this company, Slayers took part in Battles, choreographic competitions and created Cyborg's Quest

Milø Slayers (BE): Monstrare et/ou Monere

Milo is currently focusing on research for Monstrare et/ou Monere. He is also using our studios during his rehearsal for this new solo. 

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