Michiel Reynaert (BE) & Brune Campos (FR/BE)

Whereas today the encounter between domains of knowledge such as the arts and sciences is taken for granted, Michiel Reynaert (BE) tries to question the assumptions of authority that each and their alliance occupies. The most important moments at the beginning of this journey are his research in mathematics applied to artificial intelligence and a training in contemporary dance. Several artists have used his skills as a performing artist: Sarah Van Lamsweerde, Eleni Kamma, Brune Campos, Nina De Angelis, Ulla von Brandenburg, Sara Manente, Marcos Simoes, Aitana Cordero, Pierre Rubio, Ayelen Parolin, Eleanor Bauer, João Fiadeiro.

Brune Campos (BE/FR) began her artistic career in Montpellier, and in Toulouse in two circus schools, as a trapeze artist and as a clown. She then redirected herself through a course in contemporary dance at the CDC de Toulouse. She has been leading her own creative work since 2007 and graduated with a master's degree with great distinction in the option "Art in public space" in 2015. Formed by considerable experience and training in performing arts, she chooses today to describe her work with the terms performer, musician and visual artist.

Michiel Reynaert (BE) & Brune Campos (FR/BE): Habitacle / Logistic (working title)

Brune Campos and Michiel Reynaert give a theatrical form to the question: "What do we do with our habitat? They put a construction site on stage, a mise-en-scène of gestures and the sense of logistics of the building trade. The action of building, embodied by two performers-visual artists becomes a choreography. This, in turn, will interact with a soundtrack composed of interviews with people engaged in various ways in the urban habitat: how to take the floor in the debate on the future of their habitat?

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