Matias Daporta (ES/NL)

Matias Daporta studied choreography at SNDO (Amsterdam) and is currently following a MA at the museum of Contemporary Art Reina Sofía (Madrid).
He is fascinated by the way social media, video games and cinema create new ways for people to relate toeach other. His performances question the social encounter of theatre and propose other methods fortheatre to be experienced.

Matias Daporta (ES/NL): ranting, ranting (despotricando, despotricando)

He’ll now work for the first time at the BUDA-studio’s. In his upcoming project ranting, ranting (despotricando, despotricando), he’ll try to link new conversational procedures (recently appeared withdifferent technologies) to script writing techniques.
During their stay in Kortrijk, Matias and his two companions will research texts and conversations – ‘lost in space’ on the world wide web and bring them back to life through dramatized readings. 

With the support of the Cultural Services of the Spanish Embassy in Belgium.

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