Mathilde Maillard (FR)

Mathilde Maillard grew up in Saint-Nazaire and has nurtured a tender addiction to harbor atmospheres ever since. Furthermore, she collaborates with l’Amicale starting in 2011: first as a producer and project coordinator, then as an actress and author with On traversera le pont une fois rendues à la rivière. In 2017 she develops CLUB TRAVAIL, a project to explore the intimate relationship between people and their work.

Mathilde Maillard (FR): De près on ne voit que la peinture

What do we think about each other's work? What separates life from work? What do we mean by the 'invisibility of work'? De près, on ne voit que la peinture is a device for serial encounters in which we strive to make the word ‘work’ (as such, already not very funny) resonate with others that sound softer to the ear (such as ‘looped songs’ or ‘live divinations’); in order to see what is on our minds when it comes to doing, saying, and saying what we do. For the duration of a live radio meeting, this labour club, a sort of crypto-syndicalist gang that challenges the sufferings (past or future) of work, puts itself at the service of a community of workers gathered for the occasion. Like modern-day troubadours, they compose songs on the spot based on words that have just been spoken, transforming them instantly into metaphors of the real. From another space, a divination & empowerment coach provides visions by means of divination cards and magical Breton pebbles. With humour, absurdity, tenderness and fragility, the labour club celebrates the language of our fragile daily lives.

Incidentally, Club Travail also looks at how the world of 'artistic' work looks at the world of so-called 'non-artistic' work and vice versa, to see if somehow we've missed something.

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