Mathilde Maillard (FR)

Mathilde Maillard grew up in Saint-Nazaire and has nurtured a tender addiction to harbor atmospheres ever since. Furthermore, she collaborates with l’Amicale starting in 2011: first as a producer and project coordinator, then as an actress and author with On traversera le pont une fois rendues à la rivière. In 2017 she develops CLUB TRAVAIL, a project to explore the intimate relationship between people and their work.

Mathilde Maillard (FR): De près on ne voit que la peinture

De près, on ne voit que la peinture is an ongoing series of performances about work, during which we strive to arrange what otherwise sounds like a severe word ("work") with other words which might be softer to the ear (like "looped song" or "live divination").

During each meeting, two unrelated workers from all walks of life are invited to ask one-on-one questions about the intimate, emotional but also pragmatic relationship that they have with work. We pay special attention to the way the world of art workers looks at the world of so-called non-artistic work and vice-versa, by inviting performing artists to converse with workers from surrounding neighborhoods.

In collaboration with Samuel Hackwill, Maxime Lacôme, Flavio Rodrigo, Camille Bono and Pierre-Laurent Boudet.

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