Markus Öhrn (SE)

Markus Öhrn, born in 1972, is a visual artist from Sweden. In 2008 he obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree at Konstfack in Stockholm. The focus of his work is video installations, which have been exhibited both in Sweden and internationally. ‘Conte D’Amour’ marked Öhrn’s theater directorial debut in collaboration with the groups Institutet (SWE) and Nya Rampen (FI). He has continued collaborating with both groups ever since. 

Now he works for the first time in arts centre BUDA.

Markus Öhrn (SE): 3 Episodes of Life. Act 1-3 [working title]

»I want to make an absurd and surrealistic journey into a dysfunctional male ego brain that makes him believe that he is entitled to use women* as he wants, based upon the testimonies from cases in the last year that have come to light thanks to #metoo, other movements and spreading awareness. I want to explore further how the contemporary society and its historically grown structure are contributing to these tragedies.« Markus Öhrn about his new project


3 Episodes of Life. Act 1-3 [working title] is a new theater work by Markus Öhrn with elements of live performance, film, a visually strong stage environment and live music. It features a new musical composition by one of the world’s best theremin players Dorit Chrysler and Öhrn’s long-term collaborator, composer and pianist Arno Waschk. It follows an episodic structure referring to the TV series format, and consists of three parts presented on three consecutive evenings.

Markus Öhrn now depicts another field of structural violence against women* by focusing on a working relationship. A precise analysis of mechanisms extracted from particular cases of structural violence against women*, often happening in form of sexual assaults, will form the base of the project. Drawing from working fields that are close to the artist’s own life like performing and visual arts, as well as cases of public interest in politics, academia and business, the new piece develops into a 3-part story on a man’s power play where feelings of humiliation and appreciation are strongly intertwined. 

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