Marion Blondeau (FR) & Ahmed Ayed (TN/BE)

Marion Blondeau explores the question of female bodies and voices in our contemporary societies, by broadening her field of investigation to the countries of the Mediterranean and Africa. She is also a performer for Phia Ménard, a pedagogue and she carries out with Florence Augendre a research in practice of fasciapulsology applied to dance movement.

Ahmed Ayed trained as an actor at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Belgium. Guided by his desire to create different worlds, he has developed playing techniques and a singular visual universe with his shows ALICE and Rigor Mortis. He has also directed several music videos for international artists such as Ghoula, Mettani, Ammar 808, Emel Mathlouthi, Jawhar and Zäy.

Marion Blondeau (FR) & Ahmed Ayed (TN/BE): Lilith

This residency will be a research and rehearsal period around the creation Lilith, an immersive performance at the crossroads of dance, plastic arts and sound. Questioning the domestication of the female sexuality, Lilith proposes a ritual of "de-possession", a descent into the intimacies of the body, towards an archaic and reputedly dangerous sexual energy, pushing back the limits of the expected female body.marion

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