Marialena Marouda (GR)

Marialena Marouda works in the intersections between performance and sound art. Her work is in situ and research based. 
Nassia Fourtouni is a dance researcher, dramaturge and performer based in Brussels.
Justine Maxelon is a Brussels based dancer and performer.
Elpida Orfanidou is a Greek choreographer and performer based in Berlin.
Steven Jouwersma, 1982, lives and works in Brussels as an artist, technician and musician. 
Charlie Usher, born in the UK, living in Brussels, is a composer working with long duration, writing for live instruments, field recordings and static and rotary speaker installations.

Marialena Marouda (GR): The Oceanographies Institute

The Oceanographies Institute, initiated by Marialena Marouda in 2018, functions as a collaborative platform for artistic practices that study human-ocean kinships. Its focus is, essentially, the relation between two bodies of water: the human body and the world ocean. TOI gives particular attention to affectual and sensual encounters between the two bodies.

The Institute’s work is based on private conversations with people involved with the ocean either personally or professionally. Going beyond using language to describe one’s relation to the ocean, interlocutors also demonstrate, by means of sounds, textures or sensations, what the ocean “does“ to their body. The institute therefore studies the relations of hands to mud, ears to the breaking of the waves, feet to the feeling of sinking, rather than the ocean “in itself”, as if devoid of the human presence.

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Marialena Marouda (GR): “Poetry Exercises: an archive of (un)familiar things” 08.02.2016 - 20.02.2016 Budascoop en stadsarchief