Marialena Marouda (GR)

Marialena Marouda (*1982, GR) studied philosophy and visual arts at Columbia University in New York (BA) and continued her studies at the institute for Applied Theater Studies at the University of Giessen, Germany (MA). Marialena has collaborated with the choreographers MAMAZA  (Mandafounis, Mazliah, Zarhy), Martin Nachbar and Deufert und Plischke, a.o. As a dramaturge she has worked primarily in Belgium for the workspaces wp Zimmer in Antwerp and Workspace Brussels.

She works between the fields of performance art, visual arts and contemporary dance.

Marialena Marouda (GR): “Poetry Exercises: an archive of (un)familiar things”

Poetry Exercises: an Archive of (un)familiar Things is a performative intervention in the city archives of different cities: Kortrijk, Antwerp, Brussels and Berlin). The performance uses the space of the city archive - the official city memory par excellence - to bring to the foreground an alternative knowledge about urban space. Central to the project is the attempt to (re)define our surrounding world, and specifically the city, by collecting subjective moments and experiences of inhabiting it. In contrast to the relevance of writing and of the image as (evidence-)material in most city archives, our archive of (un)familiar things is a sonorous and therefore a precarious archive, focusing on the relationship between the narrator and the listener….

In full collaboration with the team of city archive Kortrijk. At the end of the residency, there (probably) will be a showing at the archive.

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