Maria Natacha Nicora (AR)

Maria Natacha Nicora was born in Argentina studied classical and contemporary dance. Since 1997 she lives in Belgium and builds a career between dance, theater and  performance. She worked with Les Ballets C de la B, (Allemaal Indiaan by Alain Platel and Arne Sierens), Manah De Pauw (Aphromorphosis, Good Habits, Het Lichaamshof), Einat Tuchman (Normosis), Anne Thuot and different companies in France, Uruguay and Argentina.

She created Cronopios sin famas (2002), Calamar- a - te (2003), Solo - Sola? (2005) and  Übernatürliche Pizza (2012).

Maria Natacha Nicora (AR): UFF

 Now she works at arts centre BUDA for the first time to create a new theatrepiece: UFF.

I saw my mother's cancer, the metamorphosis without shame as the cockroach in Kafka.
In three months everything is messed up! Skin explodes, organs implode and spread - giving a completely different form to that human being.
And I wondered ... This "thing" is still a human being?
Yes, this person lying there, this person can no longer talk, walk , look , shit , eat and barely breathing, is still my mother.
And still a human being.
How far can we change and remain "ourselves"? What is the end of this metamorphosis?
Where is the limit of the human?

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