Maria Jerez (ES)

Maria Jerez (° Madrid, 1978) is active all over Europe. Her work travels in between cinema, choreography, theatre, architecture and visual arts. Her main interest: ‘the unspeakable’. She collaborated with a.o. Cuqui Jerez, Jerôme Bel, Gary Stevens and Juan Domínguez and regularly works at BUDA Kortrijk; she created Ba-Deedly-Deedly-Deedly-Dum Ba-Boop-Be-Doop! (Buda Vista #4 - march ’14) in Budascoop, realised Alma de Rimel’s concert Blinking a scream (Buda Vista #6 - feb’15) and the visual performance BLOB (première Buda Vista #8 – feb. ’16) in Budatower. And she learned Dutch for the project Maria gaat naar school.

Maria Jerez (ES): The Stain

In The Stain, Maria Jerez brings together things that are not meant to be together. And she does this with the help of a carpenter, a musician, a painter, a baker and a light designer. 

Première of The Stain at End of Winter Festival.

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Previous residencies

Maria Jerez (ES): Maria gaat naar school (‘Maria goes to school’) 11.01.2017 - 15.01.2017 on location (V-tex school)
Maria Jerez (ES): Maria gaat naar school (‘Maria goes to school’) 06.03.2017 - 14.03.2017 on location (V-tex school)
Maria Jerez: What is Third // BLOB 02.11.2015 - 08.11.2015 Budatoren