Maria Jerez (ES)

Maria Jerez (° Madrid, 1978) is active all over Europe. Her work travels in between cinema, choreography, theatre, architecture and visual arts. Her main interest: ‘the unspeakable’. She collaborated with a.o. Cuqui Jerez, Jerôme Bel, Gary Stevens and Juan Domínguez and regularly works at BUDA Kortrijk; she created Ba-Deedly-Deedly-Deedly-Dum Ba-Boop-Be-Doop! (Buda Vista #4 - march ’14) in Budascoop, realised Alma de Rimel’s concert Blinking a scream (Buda Vista #6 - feb’15) and the visual performance BLOB (première Buda Vista #8 – feb. ’16) in Budatower. And she learned Dutch for the project Maria gaat naar school.

Maria Jerez (ES): Maria gaat naar school (‘Maria goes to school’)

For het new project Maria gaat naar school (‘Maria goes to school’), Maria leaves the stage behind and goes – accomponied by Gosie Vervloesem and Edurne Rubio - to… school. The V-TEX school in Kortrijk, to be more precise. Because Maria can speak Spanish and English, but not Dutch. And the schoolkids don’t speak Spanish or English, but fluently Dutch. So why wouldn’t they teach Maria their language? Maria gaat naar school researches what happens if we switch roles and make children teacher and grown-ups pupil. How will the kids organise their ‘language-education’? And what happens if they’re asked not only to teach concrete words, but also concepts like ‘love’ or ‘invisibility’ or ‘feminism’. What if the classroom became a space of shared ‘not knowing’?


With a very special thank you to the kids and teachers of the first two grades in Buurtschool V-TEX (6 to 9 y.o.).

During What’s The Matter With School (April 2017 Budascoop) there will be a report on Maria gaat naar school.

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