Marcus Baldemar (SE)

Marcus Baldemar (1985) was born in Kiruna, Sweden. He studied at Balettakademien, Umea (SE), SEAD (Salzburg, AUT) and finally at P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels, BE). Since graduating P.A.R.T.S. in 2008 Marcus has worked for and collaborated with a number of artists in Belgium and Europe: Albert Quesada, Daniel Linehan, Andros Zins Browne and Ludvig Daae to name a few. Marcus was also part in the making and performing of Swedish electro-pop duo The Knife’s last live show: Shaking the Habitual-The Show, by Swedish choreographer Stina Nyberg.

Marcus has also made work of his own: Reading Rhyme (2015), a duet with set- and costume designer Daniel Akerstrom Steen as well as Love Shrine & Your Majesty - Part 1 - A collective healing session through self-lovING but also a lap dance of sorts (2016/2017).

Marcus works with text, movement and voice. He enjoys the idea of moving across genres as a way of questioning hierarchies between academia/pop culture and fine arts/entertainment as well as what kind of knowledge we value based on history and geography.

Marcus Baldemar (SE):  Love Shrine & Your Majesty

Love is a verb. LovING is choosing trust, care, affection, respect, recognition, commitment as well as open and honest communication (bell hooks)

 A Shrine is a “chest, coffer: case for relics”, a “case or box for keeping papers” or “a tomb of a saint”. A holy space. A space where we keep what is meaningful to us.

 Your Majesty is what we call our royalty.


For this residency I will continue working on the ongoing project Love Shrine & Your Majesty which is the umbrella name for different performative works about understanding and performing self-love, love as a verb, as motivation and as method for change. These works are also expressions of my love for pop culture, as celebrations of its potential as a platform for democratisation of visibility as well as language- and knowledge production. 

The time at BUDA will be a sort of “in-betweenING”. I will depart from a previous research-turned-creation called LS&YM - part 1, a choreographed meditation on bell hooks’ definition of love, and transition towards my coming creation LS&YM - Slash/Future. The latter will shift the focus to adult storytelling, eroticism and masculinity. LS&YM - Slash/Future will be a dance performance for three bodies: Justin F Kennedy, Zen Jefferson and myself. The piece will premiere at wp Zimmer, Antwerp in April 2019. 

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