Marcos Simões (PT)

Marcos Simões (Portugal, 1975) is a choreographic artist and a performer living in Brussels. He studied civil engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon. He attended the intensive course of SNDO and the contemporary dance programme at the University Miguel Hernandez in Altea, Spain where he started to create his own work. In 2009 he completed the post-master a.p.t/A.pass in Performing Arts in Antwerp where he presented several works and a publication around his concept: The LaughingBody.

Marcos Simões has been creating performances and videos since 2002 by his own or in collaboration with other artists such as Sara Manente, Lilia Mestre, Marcelo Mardones, Hwang Kim and members of the collective Cabra vzw.

Marcos Simões (PT): How not to be understood? Infinite

Something that is constantly moving from one place to another, from one thing to another. Something that exists in between things, on top of things, inside and outside the things. Something that appears, that is autonomous that moves slowly and fast, something that never stops.  A some of things, an excess, immeasurable.

I see ART, an ART-WORK as a compound, a collection of things, a multitude of beings, colours, textures, shapes, times, elements, motifs, sounds  that are  operating and communicating at the moment of its creation and that genders its shape, bringing the infinite to the finite (shape) and again to the infinite through the viewer. An art work is plural, multiple is a constant passage from one thing to another.

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