Marcos Simões (PT)

Marcos Simoes (1975, Portugal) is a choreographic artist and a performer living in Brussels. He has been making performances since 2002 in his own or in collaboration with other artists such as Sara Manente, Lilia Mestre, Marcelo Mardones and members of Cabra vzw. If the body is his material of work, in his performances he uses different mediums: sound, video, drawing, image and textile to create situations, contexts where he explores modes of relationality through mouvement, gestures and language. 

Marcos Simões (PT): How not to be understood?

In the making of this project Marcos approaches art as a Spirit. A Spirit that surrounds the artist, that is continuously active during the process and appears in unpredictable ways. An Art Spirit that is both an invisible dramaturg and a performer. In this solo performance Marcos uses the body, video and a length of cloth as mediums. The performance works as a spiritual séance to reflect on Art as a shapeshifter, as a process and Art as love. How not to be understood? is a performance of the senses, continuously connecting the visible and the invisible, the finite and the infinite, the one and the many. 

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