Malika Fankha (CH/AT)

Malika Fankha studied theatre in Zurich and contemporary dance in Salzburg (SEAD) and NYU (Tisch School of Performing Arts). She works internationally as a dancer, choreographer, sound poet and DJ. 

Malika Fankha (CH/AT): AWOL

In her new production AWOL (Absent Without Leave) Malika Fankha explores the synergies between humans and natures’s mystical creatures. Elves, trolls and all kinds of hybrid forms of living might ressemble the human shape yet manage to evade the notion of normativity. Due to their queer and volatile essence they challenge our thinking in stereotypes and dualities and embody the concept of identity as a malleable force. The work questions the hierarchy of corporealities in the physical, spiritual and virtual realms and advocates new ways of coexistence and kindred among species. In Awolonia, a place better than reality, residents are mercurially utopian, they keep secrets, shift shapes, change names, and appear in myriad disguises. They uncover and liberate their desires and torments, transgress boundaries, they slip into and out of dangerous and vulnerable places in an ongoing craving for connection, haunting the liminal spaces between imagined and artificially constructed borders.

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