Maeva Cunci & Dominique Gilliot (FR)

Maeva Cunci, a dancer and choreographer & Dominique Gilliot, a performer, poetic being and musician have been collaborators since 2010, working in the vast fields of performance, installations and living arts, firing on all cylinders, claiming their love for a kind of amateurism, but one that does not prevent from doing anything, maybe even one that enables everything. Their work is multi-layered and connects contemporary art exhibition with a choice for specific tools belonging to the fields of the living arts. 

Maeva Cunci en Dominique Gilliot (FR): Un Lapin Un Rideau

In 2014 they worked at Buda arts centre on their theater-dance-music-objects show La Représentation de trop. They are now working on their new show Un Lapin Un Rideau (A Rabbit A Curtain). 

Cunci & Gilliot: Un Lapin Un Rideau (A Rabbit A Curtain) is the title under which we decided to work during the year to come, namely a performance-object with multiple interpretative layers, involving various materials, to which we will invite the audience for a stroll with us, if they are willing to do so. It will be about following this path, modestly, with an open mind, wherever the wind blows, with only one ‘guide’ on stage, hardly knowing better where the f**k we’re supposed to go, whose left shoelace is constantly getting undone and who regularly stumbles over roots, but who is, nevertheless, courageously taking on the costume. No costumes, yet. Just nature. Come as you are.

The secret goal could be to finally reach total disorientation, get to the decision of making fire, spend almost one hour to gather wood, almost two producing a spark, and three telling stories…“

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Maeva Cunci & Dominique Gilliot (FR): La Représentation de trop (The one performance too many) 19.11.2014 - 14.12.2014 Budatoren