Madely Schott (BE)

Graduated in Performing Arts (La Sorbonne, Paris 3) and Sculpture (La Cambre Brussels).
She co-founded Re: C, platform of performance based in Brussels (since 2010), and recently asbl CENTRALIA , structure of production/distribution of performance.
She has also worked and collaborated with Antoine Boute, Boris Dambly, Isabelle Bats, Dominique Thirion among others.

Madely Schott (BE): Tékelama

The members of the sect Tekelama invite us to dive into a dark sea of pure angriness and desire. Let’s get sucked into this temple and confront all laws. Let’s celebrate our undeniable tragedy in a ceremony for an un-done wedding. Bodies and utopias will be (ab)used. And in the middle of the chaos, you might see dragonflies…

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