Madeleine Fournier (FR)

The French Madeleine Fournier studied contemporary dance in Paris and Angers. Since 2007 she has been working as a dancer for a.o. Odile Duboc and Emmanuelle Huynh but with visual artists as well. Since 2008 Jonas Chéreau has been her artistic partner. Together they created (sometimes as BUDA residents) several performances of which Sous-Titre (2016) and the solo Labourer (2018) were to be seen at NEXT.

Madeleine Fournier (FR): La Chaleur

La Chaleur starts from the longing to be one body, a choir of many. How can we be ourselves and the other at the same time ? By connecting our voices and our breath, Fournier suspects. In other words : by singing. La Chaleur goes back to the Greek choir which united music and choreography. On the basis of the iconic baroque music of Henry Purcell and the figures of the Muses, Fournier creates a unique form between opera and experimental dance. Spectacular and yet intimate, this performance celebrates the cycle of life and death, of bodies that cross each other, of people that pass on warmth.

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