Liza Baliasnaja (LT)

Liza Baliasnaja is a Lithuanian choreographer and dancer living in Brussels. Currently she studies at the Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven. Since graduating from P.A.R.T.S, Liza has been involved as a performer in the works of Eszter Salamon, Ula Sickle, Eglė Budvitytė, Mårten Spångberg and DD Dorvillier. In 2018 she choreographed Commensurate to be with, a piece for galleries and museums which embodies Liza’s interest in dialogue between dance and space. In the past year the work toured in Lithuania, Israel and Belgium. Recently, Liza has been engaged as artistic assistant with artists such as Christine de Smedt, Myriam Van Imschoot and Ezter Salamon. She is a guest teacher at the Lithuanian National Academy of Music and Theatre. Liza is  currently  working on a solo work TRIEB.

Liza Baliasnaja (LT): TRIEB

In a research for her new solo TRIEB, Liza Baliasnaja is investigating the physical qualities of effort/ surplus/ excess. Based on that, the work looks into the iconography of female grotesque  and its relationship to the construction of the feminine in arts and culture. In the process of creation, Liza plays with somatic manifestations of the grotesque working with such qualities as tension, stretch and balance.

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Liza Baliasnaja (LT): Commensurate to be with 01.10.2018 - 12.10.2018 Budatoren