Liza Baliasnaja (LT)

Liza Baliasnaja is a Lithuanian performer, dancer and choreographer currently living in Brussels. Since graduating from P.A.R.T.S in 2016, Liza has been involved as a performer in the works of Mårten Spångberg, Eszter Salamon, In 2018 she choreographed Commensurate to be with.

Liza Baliasnaja (LT): Commensurate to be with

Commensurate to be with is a choreographic exercise with a desire to understand the affect of synchronized action. Framed as an exercise, the work is focused on practice of synchronicity as a shared goal. Through out the exercise of Commensurate to be with, four performers explore the variations of being with each other through a spectrum of spacial and temporal measures.

I develop the work from an ineterst to collaborate on collective dancing and listening. I am guided by a curiosity to understand what possibilities open up while dancing together rather than alone. What tools can be invented choreographically and performatively in order to achieve a shared sense of perception between the four subjects.

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