Leslie Mannès & Louise Baduel / System Failure (FR)

Leslie Mannès studied contemporary dance at P.A.R.T.S (Brussels) and at SEAD (Salzburg) and graduated in Performance Arts at the VUB.
She created the pieces Delusive Figures in 2004 and ou la brune qui adorait les sardines à l'huilen in 2010. She collaborated with Manon Santkin on different projects and joined the collective EOR. She danced with the company Mossoux-Bonté and worked for Ayelen Parolin and Maxence Rey.

Louise studied ballet and contemporary dance in Cannes, then moved to Brussels to study at P.A.R.T.S. During that time, she performed her solos blue screen and Non-Pouvoir in Belgium, France and in Portugal. Louise graduated in Performance Arts at the VUB. She worked and created or danced with a.o. Thomas Giry, Lieven Dousselaere (the award winning dance video Abys), Karen Lambaek and performed in the work of Leslie Mannès, N Collectif and Diederik Peeters. She worked as a dramaturge, invested some time in the social sector, is currently teaching yoga and works Olof Soebech on a website of Everyday stories.

Together they created in 2013 (a.o. at BUDA) System Failure, that showed how performance can exactly deliver the needs of the spectactor. System Failure meanwhile is the company’s name.

Leslie Mannès & Louise Baduel / System Failure (FR): Human decision 

They’re now working at Buda creating Human Decision. They keep on questioning the influence of technology in our daily life and the consequences that it can have on our bodies and ways of communicating.
Human decision is a simulation program of the future. On stage 4 avatars will evolve in an artificial world. Through them, you will experience a possible future. During the time of representation, you will be projected into 4.0, intelligent, aware, hyper-connected human beings.

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