Leen Van Dommelen (BE)

Leen Van Dommelen graduated in 2017 at L’ Académie Des Beaux-Arts Brussels. She studied sculpture combined with their specialized choreography program ISAC (l’Institut Supérieur des Arts et des Chorégraphies). Her graduation project Backstage of the Body received the Horlait-Dapsens grant, the Espronceda prize and the Prix de la Ville de Bruxelles. In 2020 she will have her first solo-exhibition at Central.lab Brussels.

Leen Van Dommelen (BE): I EYE

I Eye arises from the curiosity about how the body deals with the uncomfortable feeling that comes with feeling watched. This feeling entails the desire to overcome the threatening distance of the gaze by seeking intimacy with that gaze. If the gaze exceeds a distance, would it be possible to shorten this distance?

Foto © Axel Himburg
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