L’amicale de production (FR)

L'Amicale de production produces artistic transversal objects, halfway between the realms of theatre, visual and performing arts. Born in 201, it defines itself as a "project cooperative" trying to respond to esthetic, technological and economical challenges related to new forms of authorship and aesthetics. They worked at BUDA before (a.o. France Distraction, Germinal and Corps Diplomatique) 

L’amicale de production (FR): On Traversera le pont une fois rendus à la rivière

Now Antoine Defoort, Julien Fournet, Mathilde Maillard and Sébastien Vial create We’ll cross the bridge when we get tot he river, an operation involving two audiences attending the same show, but in two different ways: the 'local' audience, seated in the theatre and watching the show, and the 'distant' audience, who is at home experiencing a whole different version of the same events via the network. 

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