kom.post: Laurie Bellanca & Camille Louis

kom.post, founded in January 2009 in Berlin is an interdisciplinary collective made up of thirty international artists and researchers. Kom.post members base their researches and actions on process, they attach less importance to the production of a collective work than to setting in motion a terrain for interrogation which activates creative "micro-groups". As the work methods are diverse, each member is able to nourish, prolong, and counterbalance the research of another member or that of the group as a whole, following the principles which are dear to kom.post : the "exchange of knowledge" and the "reprise", or re-take. The roles of author, contributor, and spectator are constantly exchanged, thereby maintaining the members in a continuous research on forms of creation, transmission and artistic sharing, still permitted and valid in these "2.0 times". Kom.post is nomadic and presents its creations (performances, new form of mediations, exhibition...) in various European and international events.

Laurie Bellanca is an artist who trained in dance, music and philosophy. In 2009 she created Berlin-based collective Kom.post with Camille Louis and developed a research on situated stories by using several technics and media. In the framework of her research on the radio medium she has created live fiction 'Je peux presque tout voir' with de Caroline Masini. She has experimented several radio set ups through projects and workshops at the University Paul Valéry in Montpellier. She supported the first researches of collective Loop-s with Luce Goutelle and has worked as assistant for director Léa Drouet on her pieces ‘Boundary Games’ (2018) and ‘Violences’ (2020).

Camille Louis completed her studies in Paris where she obtained a double master's degree in Theatre Studies  and Contemporary Philosophy as well as a master's degree in Contemporary Philosophy.
Her work is always at the junction of philosophy and stage creation, in the search for original relations between theory and practice. She imagines, with Laurie Bellanca, a way of working mixing artists and researchers, making room for process rather than just production, and which has taken the form of the European collective kom.post. Since September 2016, Camille Louis continues to hold various seminars at the University of Paris 7 or Paris 8, in parallel with her work as associate dramaturge at the Centre for the Performing Arts, La Bellone, Brussels and, since May 2018, at the Nanterre-Amandiers Theatre. 

kom.post: Laurie Bellanca & Camille Louis: radio kom.post@BUDA

In June 2020 a festival was to take place at the kunstencentrum BUDA. It, like so many other artistic and sensibility-sharing gatherings, was prevented due to an epidemic and containment that brought the world to a standstill. While everything that counts in financial and commercial terms was quickly resumed from May onwards, everything that tells us about another possible world, with other ideas, other motives and other articulations between the senses and sensations, is told to stand still and not to show itself.

The collective kom.post decided to respond to the assignment to silence and interruption by creating a device that makes room and gives duration to the singular and crossed voices that were to compose the festival. More than a reaction, radio kom.post, which is being created in June and will be broadcast for the first time in September, proposes an amplifying inversion. It does not aim at the "audio" reproduction of what was to take place in presence, in body and in situation within June's Everything matters. It is a creation of new forms of crossings, of redistribution of spaces and forms specific to our gatherings, of conversion of the limited festival time into a long temporality that will be deployed in the form of live radio broadcasts several times a year.

It will be a question of experimenting with what the radio medium can allow us to do and to envisage radio broadcasting as an aesthetic form, a creative gesture, a place of presence in the world. Articulating at the same time the notions of live, open territory and community of listeners, these radio forms will be the opportunity to hold a sensitive word composed of the stories of the programmed artists, the actors of the place, their geographical neighbourhoods as symbolic. After this time of isolated withdrawals and aborted touches, kom.post wishes to open up spaces for sharing through this place, both intimate and public, which the radio medium can become.

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