Kobe Chielens / De polen (BE)

De polen is a theater company based in Ghent (BE) that previously created the pieces 'Moore Bacon!' (winner TAZ # 2015), Herberg and The Act of Dying. For the new production, Lieselotte De Keyzer and Kobe Chielens work together with visual artist Sibran Sampers and theater maker Hans Mortelmans. Kobe founded De polen in 2015 and played in all their performances.

Kobe Chielens / De polen (BE): De Vogels

Aggravated by corruption and bureaucracy, two Athenian citizens flee their beloved city. Determined to find a better place, Peisthetairos makes a covenant with the birds to found a new kingdom between heaven and earth. But even before the walls are well done, they already have to deal with uninvited guests and displeased gods.

For this new performance De polen starts working with De Vogels (414 BC) by the Greek comedian poet Aristophanes. Lieselotte De Keyzer and Kobe Chielens invited Sibran Sampers, visual artist and Hans Mortelmans, theatre maker. Based on the old structure, the timeless themes and archetypal figures in the text, the foursome construct their own stage and play.

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