Kinga Jaczewska (PL)

Kinga Jaczewska was born in Warsaw, Poland and is currently living in Antwerp in Belgium. She is fascinated by silent transformations and the idea that everything is at all times in motion. Trained as a dancer and performer, Kinga is also working with different to performance forms of catching and exposing movement(s).  

Kinga Jaczewska (PL): Meanwhile

Meanwhile is a installation space inside of which an object performs a choreography created by the very space itself. Focusing on the relationship between stillness and motion, the work aims to capture and expose movement(s) of continuity. 

Placed at various city locations Meanwhile invites viewers, even if only momentarily, to experience time and their surroundings in a frame independent to our artificial system of measuring hours and minutes.

Concept: Kinga Jaczewska | Scenography: Rosemarie Allaert. 

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