Katja Dreyer (DE/BE)

The German theatredirector Katja Dreyer studied at the Utrecht School of the Arts. She worked with a.o. Ivanna Müller, Davis Freeman, Kate McIntosh, Myrjam Van Imschoot and Lotte van den Berg. In her theatrework, Katja tries to understand history through personal stories. 

That was also the case in her previous piece Kroniek (2013), a performance focusing on the 100 years of German history through a personal journey through facts and fictions. Kroniek was coproduced by and presented at BUDA.

Katja Dreyer (DE/BE): Ophelia comes to Brooklyn - The Aunt Project

Ophelia comes to Brooklyn is part of The Aunt Project. In The Aunt Project Katja confronts herself and the audience with what is left when a family member dies: memories, objects, unfinished affairs, sadness and many questions…

Ophelia comes to Brooklyn is a theatre play written by Katja’s aunt Antje Katcher. Katja inherited it when Antje died. They hardly knew each other; Antje immigrated to New York in 1967 and hardly stayed in contact with the rest of the family. She was a writer, a publisher and an activist.

This theatre play was written in 1982 in New York and has never been performed before.

During their residency at BUBDA, Katja, Davis & Dolly will dig into this text and try to reveal what Ophelia comes to Brooklyn from 1982 can tell us about today, about the past, about the writer and about ourselves.

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