Katja Dreyer (DE/BE) & Karen Roise Kielland (NO)

The German theatredirector Katja Dreyer studied at the Utrecht School of the Arts. She worked with a.o. Ivanna Müller, Davis Freeman, Kate McIntosh, Myrjam Van Imschoot and Lotte van den Berg. In her theatrework, Katja tries to understand history through personal stories. Her performances Kroniek and Ophelia comes to Brooklyn were coproduced by and presented at BUDA.  

Karen Røise Kielland (NO) co-founded Blood for Roses in Amsterdam during her studies at the Theaterschool. She’s mainly made site-specific performances, but lately also work for theatres and art spaces. The work is image based, with stylised movements and text intertwined with the pedestrian presence of experts from other fields. A recurring theme in the performances is our strangely complex relationship to nature.

Karen Kielland and Katja Dreyer have been working on stage side by side in the performances of Ivana Mueller. Both of the make their own work in the field of documentary theatre. Cry me a river is their first collaboration.

Katja Dreyer (DE/BE) & Karen Roise Kielland (NO): Cry me a river

In discussions about credibility, one often talks about going to the source. The word source stands as a synonym for origin, authenticity, truth or can simply be a water source.

The making of this performance started with an expedition from the sea along a river up to its source. The source of the river Styx. The river Styx is fill of Myths. Achilles was dipped in it, Narcissus feel in love with his image in the waters of Styx, people lost their memory drinking its water, it is one of the 7 rivers of the underworld and gods swore their oath by the waters of Styx to prove their credibility. We were curious how present these stories are for the people living around Styx are today and if these stories change the closer we get to the source.

Cry me a river- is an exploration of the concept of source and a physical ritual on stage about the quest for it and what happens on the way.

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