Katja Dreyer (DE/BE) & Britt Hatzius (DE/UK)

The German theatredirector Katja Dreyer studied at the Utrecht School of the Arts. She worked with a.o. Ivanna Müller, Davis Freeman, Kate McIntosh, Myrjam Van Imschoot and Lotte van den Berg. In her theatrework, Katja tries to understand history through personal stories. 

That was also the case in her previous piece Kroniek (2013), a performance focusing on the 100 years of German history through a personal journey through facts and fictions. Kroniek was coproduced by and presented at BUDA.

Katja Dreyer (DE/BE) & Britt Hatzius (DE/UK): No one has the right to obey

For No one has the right to obey, Katja invited the German-British artist Britt Hatzius. Britt studied Fine Art Media in London and works in the fields of photography, video, film and performance.  Recent collaborations include the interactive performance This Is Not My Voice Speaking (2012) with Ant Hampton, a cinematic installation Micro Events (2014) with Tom Kok and her most recent project Blind Cinema (2015), in which the audience imagines a movie through the description of it by children aged 9 to 11.

In No one has the right to obey, Katja and Britt try to unravel personal stories through things that were left behind.

Two years ago Katja became - for a short while - the owner of an appartment on the upper West side in Manhattan, New York. With this appartment came some boxes of slides, poetry, a not yet staged Theatre piece called Ophelia comes to Brooklyn and a list of questions about the woman who previously owned this apartment,  wrote these texts and died unexpectedly. Katja's aunt had immigrated from Germany to NY in 1969 - the year the first man landed on the moon. She had met her twice in her life…

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