Katerina Andreou (GR/FR)

Katerina Andreou is born in Athens in 1982. She is based in France and makes dances, music and choreography.

She graduated both from the Law School- University of Athens, and the State School of Dance in Athens. She attended the program ESSAIS in CNDC d' Angers in 2011, and holds a master degree of Paris 8 on research and choreography. She was a Danceweb scholar in Impulstanz Festival in Vienna in 2015. As a dancer she collaborated among others with DD Dorvillier, Lenio Kaklea, Bryan Campbell, Dinis Machado, Emmanuelle Huynh, Ana Rita Teodoro.In her own work, she is interested in developing states of presence sorting out from a constant negotiation between contrasted tasks, fictions and universes, often questioning the relation to ideas as authority and autonomy.

She was awarded with the choreography price Prix Jardin d'Europe, in ImpulsTanz Festival in 2016 for the solo dance piece A kind of fierce.

Katherina Andreou (GR/FR): BSTRD

BSTRD is a solo performance, based on the notions of impurity and hybridisation: what if the idea of purity is an illusion and everything was made of a much more complex material, so that the question would not be focused on the origin (or originality), but on the final function or/and impact to the rest? Inspired mostly by House culture's practice of amalgamation, I am interested on developing a physicality that can carefully serve the concept of pure impurity, plus on the creation of a vinyl as scenography and tool of the political and poetic discourse of a bastardised figure, free of all enclosure and codification, but respectful to its reality. 

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Katerina Andreou (GR/FR): Zeppelin Bend 24.02.2020 - 07.03.2020 Budascoop