Karol Tyminski (PL)

Karol Tyminski is a Polish Berlin-based performer and choreographer. He is a graduate from P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels and Warsaw Ballet School, and a co-founder of the Centre in Motion - Choreographers Workspace in Warsaw. In his works Tyminski presents a performer as a vessel that can be filled with any idea or story, differing from the formal aspects and exploring the very physicality of the performer's body, almost at the tissue-level, which becomes the source for choreographic material. He aims to speak about human condition, reaching the emotional side of a performer by penetrating his physicality.

Karol Tyminski (PL): Water Sports

Water Sports is a dance performance where the central human figure is Gardener, a perverse allusion to the problematic human interventions into ecology. Water Sports speaks about a romantic-sexual relation between humans and an Ocean, where performers become gardeners, creators and caretakers of oceanic gardens, exploring care, sexuality and physical relationality in a cross-matter dancing, aiming to sensitize the viewer.

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