Karel Verhoeven (BE), Emi Kodama (BE, CA), Elias Heuninck (BE)

Karel Verhoeven, Emi Kodama and Elias Heuninck all studied media-art at School of Arts Ghent. After a group-exhibition they seemed to share an affinity for space, sound, narrative and materiality.

Karel Verhoeven (BE), Emi Kodama (BE, CA), Elias Heuninck (BE): Topos Sonos

They collaborate (for their first time in the BUDA-studio’s’) on Topos Sonos, a spatial performance, an audio-visual exploration of the Canarian island La Gomera and its whistle language El Siblo, used to communicate through the rural landscape. 

Topos Sonos is a piece about the relation of sound, story and the topography of the island and about the sculpturality of contemporary communication infrastructure. Spectators will be guided through a big black space by stories, spatial sound experiences, electronic devices, graphic maps and sculptural scenography ending with a videowork bringing all elements together.

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