Justine Bougerol (FR) & Silvio Palomo (FR)

Justine Bougerol, visual artist and set designer, creates immersive and in situ installations with a unique point of view. In the set designs she creates, notably for the Peeping Tom company, she cultivates a taste for the lived experience, for ordinary situations that take off from reality, to make us fall into an absurd and poetic world.

Silvio Palomo, visual artist and director, explores and dissects everyday behaviour. Based on these observations of reality, he creates a composition that is more musical than strictly narrative, featuring characters who stand out because of their imperfections and their vain efforts to communicate, in a space where the stage design becomes the territory of a new microcosm.

Justine Bougerol (FR) & Silvio Palomo (FR): À l’assaut des montagnes

By taking an interest in the Terrain vague, Justine Bougerol & Silvio Palomo seek to discover the poetic potential of this "kind of space" located on the fringes of the routes usually taken and which harbours the imaginary.  By combining their practices, they wish to create a hybrid form: a playground made up of interstices where the visual and performing arts meet. A first module of Terrain vague was created in 2019.
At BUDA they will work on a second module, À l'assaut des montagnes. During this residency at BUDA, they will be accompanied by the two actors Aurélien Dubreuil-Lachaud & Manon Joannotéguy, in order to build a series of actions around a mountain in the making, based on improvisations and bricolage...

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