Julie Pfleiderer (DE/BE)

Julie Pfleiderer lives and works in Berlin and Brussels. In her work she explores the border of documentary and fiction. She is interested in the shift where fiction becomes truth and truth starts to be fictional. Julie enjoys collaborative processes where different media and approaches are put in dialogue to create friction out of permanent differentiation.

Julie Pfleiderer (DE/BE): SAFE

She’s a regular resident at BUDA. Now she’ll be working on SAFE, a performance centered around the use of the voice as a tool for communication and as gateway to a mental world beyond speech.

Director Julie Pfleiderer and composer Oxana Omelchuk develop SAFE together with three musicians from the Ictus ensemble. The narrative and vocal performance of Caroline Daish will be paired with electric guitar, percussion and double bass.

SAFE is a monologue that starts within the format of a live concert and then through the use of headphones transforms into an intimate auditory experience.

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