Joe Namy (US/LB)

Joe Namy works with sampled sounds, documentary/music videos and photography, to investigate aspects of identity, memory, power and currents encoded in music. Joe has independently studied jazz, Arabic and heavy-metal drumming. His work has been exhibited, screened and amplified at the Detroit Science Center (USA), Queens Museum (USA), Brooklyn Museum (USA) and Beirut Art Center (Lebanon); as well as various international underground dance floors.

Joe Namy (US/LB): Disguised as a Dance Floor

Disguised as a Dance Floor is a set of scores and immersive installation based on the politics of bass and the subversive role of loud music and its effect on the body; creating a space for new ways of listening with the body and creating situations for gestures, sounds, words to mingle in ways that haven’t been previously accessible. Through an improvised and collaborative series of scores, this installation would bring together several areas of research involving ways in which violence or solidarity have resonated on the dance floor, through personal experiences and collective stories of empowerment, movement, and expression.

Disguised as a Dance Floor is developed as part of the Consortium Commissions - a project initiated by Mophradat.

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