Jefta van Dinther (DE/SE)

Jefta van Dinther (DE/SE) is a choreographer and dancer working between Stockholm and Berlin. His work is characterized by a rigorous physical approach. The moving body is centerfold in his work but belongs to and interacts with a body of light, sound and materials that constitute an environment of perception and sensation. The dancers work and dance their way through various environments. Jefta's works deal with notions of illusion, the visible and the invisible, synesthesia, darkness, labour, the uncanny, affect, voice and image.

Jefta van Dinther (DE/SE): Dark Field Analysis

Jefta worked at the BUDA-studio’s before for As It Empties Out (2014) and also his performances Grind (2011) and Protagonist (for Cullberg Ballet, 2016) were presented at Budascoop in the frame of NEXT festival.
Dark Field Analysis unfolds as a long conversation between two naked men moving on a carpet. The performance calls upon the intensity sometimes felt in a personal encounter – an experience of standing in awe, not of the person before you, but of the situation itself. A profound feeling despite the ordinariness of the context. Dark Field Analysis is about what makes us human and about how kinship is developed through the exchange of stories, words, sounds, tones and gazes. 
The focus during the residency at BUDA will be to find the lighting and stage design, including how the audience will be seated. 

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Jefta Van Dinther (SE): The Quiet 04.02.2019 - 15.02.2019 Budascoop