Jeanne Colin (FR)

Jeanne Colin is a french dancer and choreographer living in Brussels. After graduating at P.A.R.T.S. in 2014 she works professionally with choreographers like Daniel Linehan,Yasmine Hugonnet, Ayelen Parolin, Romeo Castelucci, Eric Minh Cuong Castaing and Louise Vanneste and is working on her own projects, both collective research as well as individual creation. In 2019 she creates the immersive performance RECEPTION with dancer Killian Madeleine.

Jeanne Colin (FR): Eau Vulve - We dream mouvements before we dance

Where mapping the world from a bird's eye view can give us a feeling of control, the viewpoint of the dream lifts the distance between self and world. What happens when we look at movement from an inward
perspective? When we abolish the distance from which we usually think and reason? What are the movement patterns of our dreams?

A sleep study shows that 70% of our REM sleep is composed of nightmares. Even though we have no memories of it, running, fighting, hiding, etc. are situations we experience every
night. How do we embody fear? How does it influence our perception and the way we relate to others? Are those intimates processes accessible and can they dialogue on a collective level?

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