Jan Fedinger (NL)

Jan Fedinger is a visual artist and designer that works across various media while using Light as prime medium of expression. His oeuvre comprises performative installations, lighting design, performing, photography, drawings as wel as general design. Next to his autonome work he has collaborated with artists such as Jefta van Dinther, Jan Martens, TG Schwalbe, Daniel Linehan, Aitana Cordero and Mélanie Perrier.

Jan Fedinger (NL): Land(e)scapes 4

Jan Fedinger previously worked at BUDA Arts Centre as a lighting designer for Dennis Deter and Sidney Leoni. Land[e]scapes is his own series of installations in which Fedinger investigates how experiences of nature will become a technical imagination in the future. In Land[e]scapes 4 he tries to evoke the experience of rainbows - as one of the most volatile and intangible phenomena - through an artificial cloud, a castle of air for the public.

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