James McGinn (US)

James McGinn was born and raised in Sarasota Florida (US)  and followed extensive professional dance trainings a(a.o. danceWEB Vienna. While and P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels.)
During his studies in Brussels, James became heavily invested in trans/post-humanist theory & composition. He has been greatly influenced by performing in the work of a.o. Miguel Gutierrez, Ishmael Houston-Jones, John Jasperse, Daniel Linehan, Marten Spangberg, and Robert Steijn. James currently works between Brooklyn and Brussels as a contemporary performer and choreographer exploring the territory between dance, theater, & performance for the stage and moving image.

James McGinn (US): Ing an Die

He’s working for the first time at the BUDA-studio’s. With the Islandic dancer Inga Huld Hákonardóttir and the Swedish-American Christoffer Forbes Schieche (both BUDA-residents before) they’ll develop the last part of Ing an Die, a 3-Act operatic-dance duet as a shape-shifting love story amidst a pre-apocalyptic landscape…

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