Isabelle Bats (BE)

Isabelle Bats was born in Charleroi and studied at the INSAS in Brussels. She directs, writes, becomes a performer with projects like les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivières, le plus petit feu d’artifice jamais recensé, perfect match … performances trying to balance between too many words or not enough, actions, fabrics, pop culture and an undeniable desire to talk about what it is to be a girl, a woman, or a call girl.

Isabelle Bats (BE): girl/fille

« girl/fille » is a project dissected in stations (like the stations of the cross), about girls, women, about our education. it stands between theatre and performance art, fireworks and new burlesque, it is about a body, a story, about a woman and her journey, often off the road, sometimes right on the spot.

it is isabelle, and she has so much to do to be a girl, to become a girl who runs like a boy. a woman who plays tennis as well as she plays the electric bass.

a fragmented project with music, a bit of lulu (louise brooks), caramel pudding, matches and a few words…

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