Isabella Mongelli (IT)

Isabella Mongelli (Italy) is a performer and visual artist interested in simple actions inside complex thematic areas. She has produced different formats of shows starting in 2010 with IRINA [Varietà] Deljirant, then my personal tarànto (a long term project about life in special places full of poisons that includes a theatrical show and the performances lido azzurro, Delegazione Taranto and Industrial Grand Tour), Surrogate Proliferation, an online video series and Safari Here, a European collaborative project. Her work has been presented in Italy and Europe in many institutions such as Xing, Pino Pascali Museum, Corners of Europe, Gdansk City Institute, Santarcangelo Festival, Isis Arts Newcastle, Short Theatre Festival.

Isabella Mongelli (IT): Splendor Solis

Splendor Solis is a project that belongs to the realm of the visionary, color, magic and mannerism. It brings together things in a flow of non-sense miniatures. Splendor Solis talks about the Sun, from the good one of the Alchemy to the malevolent one of the global meltdown. It crosses the Dodo’s extinction in the seventeenth century, the Russian sunsets and M. Rothko, colonial forces leading to extinctions, rising temperatures worldwide and human being, the search for truth, horizontal and vertical dimensions that meet in the fold, divination, crocodiles, dreams and  the writings of the anthropologist Michael Taussig, in particular his Theatre of the Sun and his attention towards orphaned language, unusual correspondences, and the idea of overproduction as the primary tool of a new attitude. With a metaphysical vein Splendor Solis tries to do something difficult, that is, to create an atmosphere of good omen. 

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