Ine Claes (BE)

Ine is a transdisciplinary artist working with voice, sound, movement and visual arts. She creates sound projects, sound compositions and performances. In her performances she seeks the arising of disorientation of performer, and by consequence the audience, by the method of multitasking, bringing different layers together. Her aim is to create psychedelic or absurd worlds where the viewer/listener does not necessarily fully understand where he or she is. By means of this technique, Ine wants to counteract the human need to understand everything and label everything we encounter. 

Photo: (c) Sara Claes


Within her artistic practice Ine works around multitasking as a means of disorientation, seeking the friction when she brings together different layers as voice, movement and space. For this production she will work around vocal acoustic loop systems in relation to movement and around the idea of creating a set of rules, resulting in a game of watching and being watched, a game played between the two performers, the space and the spectators. 

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