Helena Dietrich (DE): Elastic Habitat

For Elastic Habitat Helena collaborates with the Dutch text(ile) artist Janneke Raaphorst. She makes flying carpets, vehicles for fantasy, storytelling or travelling. Both in her texts and in her textile works she focusses on transformation: the decay and birth of things. Her fascination for the life of material shows in a performativity of textile (e.g. a plastic bag folding out into a T-Shirt). As a costume designer she works for different choreographers.

They work for the first time at the BUDA studio’s. Elastic Habitat explores the imaginary, invisible and speculative body and is an invitation to stretch the usual habitat of one’s physical and virtual identity.

The public is invited into an immersive installation, a sort of playground, where they can explore and animate textile sculptures in small groups, through touching, wearing and thereby activating them. It is a metaphorical invitation to get ‘under the skin’ and elude the clear distinction between self and other, inside and outside, looping from feeling to movement, to language, to form and material, and back to sensation. The invitation to play with and through these textile bodies offers a space of childlike pleasure and intuitive exploration within oneself and the other, to think and perceive oneself through the senses.

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