Heine Adval & Yukiko Shinozaki / Fieldworks (BE)

Heine Avdal (NO/BE) and Yukiko Shinozaki (JP/BE) are regular guests at BUDA. They worked on (and presented) a series of productions in Kortrijk (Some notes are, Field Works-office, nothing’s for something, Borrowed Landscape, distant voices…), always creating a unique, dreamlike and often absurd universe by means of small shifts in the daily routine. Formerly known as deepblue (with Christoph De Boeck), they have carved out a place for themselves on the international scene as Fieldworks since 2012. With humor and tons of expertise, they melt various disciplines (performance, visual arts, video, music, technology) into sparkling performances playing on contrasts (body - object, fact - fiction/, the tangible - the invisible, organic – artificial) and on the relationship between performer and spectator…

Heine Adval & Yukiko Shinozaki / Fieldworks (BE): unannounced

Unannounced shows us that the cards are not always put on the table straight away, and the colours they show are not necessarily the true ones. Pretty often, things happen unannounced. Unannounced focuses on the way focus shifts when appearances change out of the blue. Highlighting the deep shades of the black box, the project projects beyond the surface of actuality and wanders back and forth in time by confusing the anticipation of its future with echoes and afterglows from its past. Unannounced is a performance for the stage (and beyond?) developed by four dancers, a light designer, a sound designer, a media artist and a dramaturge. And you, of course.

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