Gitte Hendrikx (BE) & Elena Carvajal (ES)

Gitte Hendrikx (BE) is a performer and choreographer based in Brussels who's practice fluctuates between a theater oeuvre and Fine Arts. Her mixed-media creations are dialogues between the written and the performable that mingle the private into an eerie hybrid of 'lost' story-telling.

Elena Carvajal (ES) is a dancer and choreographer based in Brussels. Her practice examines the expectation of spectatorship through the phenomenon of the incident. The elements within her performances shift between hiding and obviously showing illusory tricks in order to trigger the spectator to unravel the piece's aggregation.

Gitte Hendrikx (BE) & Elena Carvajal (ES): Lecturing; As Body in time of logic

Lecturing; As Body in time of logic is a performative lecture that presents a mix of physical and vocal proposals as solution for the 'blank-out' experience. Their goal is to transform this seemingly tragic
experience into a gift and skill that holds various other hidden suggestions. During their residency at BUDA, they will continue to experiment with the performativity of their research.

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