Francesca Saraullo (IT)

The Italian choreographer, dancer and performative artist, Francesca Saraullo moved to Brussels in 2012. After receiving her BA in Engineering of Cinema and Media Communication and her MA in MultiDams-Multimedia and Art, Music and Theater in Turin, she dedicates herself to the performing arts. In 2014, she completed a MA in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels in two programs Art in Public Space and Superior Institute for Art and Choreography. She starts to develop her own personal artistic research on dance, performative installation and video, with a focus on the language of the body. 

Francesca Saraullo (IT): La Sospesa

The visual performance La Sospesa talks about a woman suspended between the speed and the multiplicity of ideas that goes over her head, and the necessity to come back to her own animality. Between earth and sky, she goes through different states: fragility and strength, lightness and gravity, sensuality and aggressiveness. A series of intimate landscapes interweave to evoke a personal and archaic memory made of images, sensations and feelings.

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