Florian Vuille & Paola Di Belle (CH/IT)

Paola Di Bella and Florian Vuille meet in 2016. Their first research in collaboration with Laureline Richard Electric Idiots drive them to work further together.
They create in 2016 the Company Beauty Beast with the perspective to enable the creation of dance performances in Brussels, as well as the transmission of dance practice. They performed together their work A Rit Meo (Premiered in Lausanne 2018) and Atchoum (Premiered in Brussels 2019).

Florian Vuille & Paola Di Belle (CH/IT): Shared Center

Two connected objects in a motion can share the same center of mass.
This happens in the cosmos where celestial bodies orbit around each others, or when an athlete turns with a weight before throwing it.

Their research applies this principle between two human bodies. How can forces (weight, speed, ...) interact and create a single entity or system out of two bodies .

Pushing and pulling, they developed a language based on the transmission of kinetic energy.

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