Fleur Khani (BE)

Fleur Khani (°86) is a Brussels based performer and musician. After studying Literature in Leuven and Dramatic Arts in Antwerp (Belgium), she followed the artistic research program a.pass (Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies) in Brussels. Her work as a musician or theatremaker was presented  in Bâtard Festival (Brussels), in Extra City and De Studio (Antwerpen), in London at thet Queer Apocalyps Festival and in Vienna (Moë).  In 2013 she receives the DanceWeb Scholarship in Vienna, Austria. She made the movie For the Record (Animal Tank Productions, VAF) and worked with and for Michaël Roskam, Ivo Dimchev, Davis Freeman, Heike Langsdorf and many others in the field of performance, theatre and cinema.

Fleur Khani (BE): Homework

She’ll be working now for the first time in Kortrijk. In Homework Fleur constructs a house on stage and tries to find out what it meand to grow up in a world that from the inside is completely Eastern and from the outside looks Western. Through music, texts and singing she creates different rooms, searching for the ‘uncanny’. In the BUDA-studio’s, she’ll be concentrating on the creating the soundtrack for Homework. Laer on, Fleur will have residencies in Cas-co (30CC, Leuven), KunstZ (Antwerp) and De Werf (Brugge). 

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