Eveline Van Bauwel (BE)

Eveline Van Bauwel (°78, Borgerhout) graduated at the Royal Ballet school of Antwerp in 1996 and danced at the Volksoper Wien. In 2003 she started working freelance with a.o. Liz King and Elio Gervasi and Marc Thompkins moved to Belgium again in 2004, where she worked with a.o. Jan Fabre, Kris Verdonck, Heike Langsdorf, the PONI collective and Geert Vaes. Since 2006 she’s also a Yoga teacher.

In 2012 she started her own creations with a solo "Infinite Journey/ Two Autumns and I have not changed enough".
At arts centre BUDA, she’ll develop her new project Infinite Journey/ In This Together...

Eveline Van Bauwel (BE): Infinite Journey/In this together…

Infinite Journey/In this together… is a dance performance constructed on 3 basic elements:  music, scenography and choreography.

The performance is a cross-pollination of these three elements that form a constant transforming organism. The development of a movement in repetition and loops is the basic research material, as well as in the music, in the images and also in the dance. By working with repetition strangely enough the emphasis is put on the inevitable constant change.

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