Eszter Némethi (HU)

Eszter Némethi (1987, Budapest) is a theatre maker and researcher. She interested in the space between people, contexts and ideas and creating structures (practical, dramaturgical and spatial) that can be inhabited by others. Her works – World of Scribes (2020), Border Stories (2018), Utopia Ltd. (2016), Radio Silence (2016), Exit Strategy (2013), No One Can Hear You in There (2012) – have been presented in various contexts internationally. She is co-curator of Brussels based MOTA and current recipient of the Arts Council of Ireland’s Arts Participation award.

Eszter Némethi (HU): Speak Like No One in Particular

Speak Like No One in Particular is a conversational performance and live radio broadcast about listening and finding a voice to speak. During the residency at BUDA together with radio artist Julia Dyck and the creative team, we will focus on rehearsing the script with invited (remote) audiences and further developing the sound design. While at BUDA we will also continue developing the scenography of the hybrid space of the performance.

In residentie:
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